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Animation CPU

Build amazing games 10x faster through play together on mobiles remotely

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Animation CPU

Key Features

Game Development

Create & play amazing games together on mobiles everywhere

Animation CPU on iPad


Bring modern HQ animations to your game, app or site

370 Sample from Animation CPU Studio on Vimeo

Reactive and live

Be 10X faster creator with reactive live coding together

ACPUL - Animation CPU Language

ACPUL is a pure static untyped prototyping programming language for playing while coding


1 TAB = 1 SPACE by default; ACPUL don't have tabs or spaces issue because designed for mobiles with a small display size

Builtin i18n support

ACPUL has support Unicode on language level and i18 translation Animation CPU strings designed by default

Powered by AI

Create modern UI/UX AI-powered instruments for easy app building. Create AI-powered unique games, art and music. Montage AI-powered selfies to innovative videos

Stream Twitch.tv

Make amazing content while Game Dev and Game Play together. Build amazing Twitch animations for your channel with Animation CPU

Mobile IDE

100% configurable minimalistic IDE with amazing design and realtime back-step debugger

Inventing on principle

Record all development history with videos for Travel Machine. Realtime reverse debugger. You can use unlimited travel back by years for your creations of any moment of life

Minimalistic by design

No more complex programming worlds! No-code and UI/UX is a high priority. Small programs, easy controls, works everywhere on mobiles


Programs should never crash or halt. No NULL exceptions or memory errors. Real-time apps for maximum performance


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Thanks for watching, contact mail web3future@gmail.com
Animation CPU iOS App available via TestFlight

Games and apps made on Animation CPU platform

Doom 2020 Mobile Game

New "Doom 2020" demo game (based on Doom, Half-life, Serious Sam and Skyrim). Playable prototype built in a week from the scratch and less 100kb source code with amazing graphics on Animation CPU platform.

Doom 2020Doom 2020Doom 2020Doom 2020Doom 2020Doom 2020

Herolessus Mobile Game

Herolessus likes Unicorns and Animation CPU. Herolessus is an incredible hero and world builder from the past who come from Olymp from a long, long days ago to save the Earth from climate change and other viruses


Web3 Crypto Wallet

Multicurrency crypto wallet prototype

Twitter Web3Wallet
Web3 Crypto WalletWeb3 Crypto WalletWeb3 Crypto Wallet

Photo Core

AI-powered photo & video processing core for build amazing photo & video apps

Photo CorePhoto CorePhoto CorePhoto CorePhoto CorePhoto CorePhoto Core

Animation CPU Paint

Simple paint animations app


Animation CPU mobile OS applications


Animation CPU App for twitch integration and stream creations



Video image recorder & editor. Record videos, gameplays, education processes with different format resolution. Apply video & image filter, export gifs, images for your site and apps


Animation CPU IDE

Reactive IDE for create games and apps on mobiles together remotely from the scratch or template. Realtime reverse debugger. Inventing on principle. AI-powered code suggestion

Animation CPU IDE

Animation CPU OS Core

Animation CPU OS Core is node-based from the Space. The node is the thread, and the node is the process. Everything is a particle. Non-JIT realtime VM with tracer and profiler. Data Storage based on four levels path with full history. NodeJS ACPU Server for sync everything & development from a computer.

Animation CPU Chat


Animation CPU is looking for donors & sponsors. Please contact us web3future@gmail.com